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RF Strength and Conditioning

Using PRVN Fitness programming by Tia Clair Toomeys Coach himself, Shane Orr, RF Strength and Conditioning helps you build strength, chase the gains and minimise risk of injury as you learn technique through a range of strength based movements to achieve your functional fitness goals, all within 60mins. Dedicating focus on perfecting form and technique, based on level of competency, this class involves a variety of strength training, from olympic lifting, powerlifting, traditional strength training, calisthenics and gymnastics skills.


RF Overload

A strength/hypertrophy based class where you perform more traditional body building style lifts, eg; Bench press, Dumbell Arnold press, barbell lunges and squats and so much more. Then typically finish with either an Abs finisher or small conditioning piece.


RF Olympic Lifting

Dedicating focus on perfecting form and technique based on level of competency. This class will fine tune your barbell skills and increase your confidence in barbell movements.

Focusing on explosive strength and lift efficiency, whilst increasing your mobility and improving a greater range of motion during the execution, our Olympic Lifting class allows you to work on correct form and technique with highly experienced coaches here at RF.


This class compliments our RF Strength and Conditioning class.


RF Beginner/Intermediate Gymnastics

From the beginner to intermediate, this class will help you grow your body awareness and build confidence in your range of movement. Building techniques towards the progression of skills, drills, stability and core strength which can be implemented within our other classes.  **Currently available at ORMEAU facility only.


RF Beginner/Intermediate Olympic Lifting

Learn the technique to execute a barbell lift efficiently, with the correct form and with focus on explosive strength whilst increasing your mobility and improving a greater range of motion during the execution. This class will enable you to feel more confident in participating in our RF Strength and Conditioning class.



For the seekers of a seriously good sweat, with high intensity interval training from running to weightlifting and everything in-between. This is not your normal HIIT class, and may have you working individually, with a partner or in teams within a 45min class. Designed to have you working at your maximum effort with limited periods of rest to push your body to its limits, with a strong focus on powerful cardiovascular and resistance-based movements.